The Different Models of Braids

These different types of braids are just a few of the large numbers of braids in existence. They can be improved or customized to obtain a more chic style. It is indeed possible to accessorize them so that the braids are even more original.

The current hairstyle trend is to braid. Summer and winter, this flagship hairstyle of the moment delights fashion lovers. She also invites herself to major events to give a touch of originality to the bride or simply to vary the hairstyle. The braid makes it possible to vary the style while enhancing the hair. Many women have adopted it for its originality as well as its simplicity. There are a multitude of braids allowing everyone to find the one best suited to their style.

Nothing like a natural hairstyle to sublimate the hair with a beautiful braid. This type of hairstyle has the advantage of adapting to all facial features. It is also a good way to discipline all types of hair. It offers the possibility of choosing designs as well as patterns to suit all occasions. The choice is wide between the braids on the side of the head, the whole head, on the half-head or even the headband to diversify the hairstyle. These braids can be diversified by the shape of which the simplest is with 2 strands while the classic braid is with 3 strands. Braids with 4, 5 and 6 strands are more complex.

The different models of braids

Each braid is characterized by its creation. There is indeed a large choice of braid models. They are accomplished in different ways some of which are very easy while others are more complex. It is up to everyone to find the type of braids that best suits their hair type in order to highlight the beauty of their face. Here are some types of braids to stay in this hairstyle trend.
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·         The French braid or Frenchbraid : this is a headdress plated to the skull with three strands. This type of braid represents forms of Y. It is often confused with the Dutch braid, the shape of which represents Ys upside down. It is the plating process that differentiates these two types of braids. The French braid can also be made with 4 or 5 strands to add more elegance to the hairstyle.

·         The spiky braid : this type of braid is also called Egyptian braid or bone braid. This hairstyle is reserved for long hair. Its complex realization requires a good knowledge of the braid technique. It is indeed a 6-strand braid. It is distinguished by its shape identical to that of an ear. This elegant hairstyle is suitable for all occasions, whether during the day or during major events.

·         The African braid : there is a wide variety of African braids. The individual 3-strand mat is the simplest. There is also the braid glued to the skull which allows you to vary the hairstyle according to each person's needs by making different patterns. This braid style remains at the heart of the trend in summer than in winter.

·         Cascade braid : this style of braid is very easy to make. The principle is identical to that of the French braid, but horizontally. It consists of adding a wick each time and slackening a little hair from the bottom strand to form the cascade. This hairstyle full of freshness adapts to all occasions.

·         Hairstyle with braid : this style of hairstyle has currently become a big trend. It consists in associating the simple hairstyle with a braid on a small part of the hair. For a summer hairstyle, the braid can be on the side or in a band. The evening bun can be adorned with braid for an elegant hairstyle.

·         The braid in a cage : this hairstyle consists in caging loose hair in a braid in the shape of a half-tail. The basic braid is the spiky braid. It can be done in 3, 4 or 5 strands depending on the choice of each.

·         The lace braid : this braid is almost identical to the plated braid. It can be placed on one side of the head or cross it diagonally. Adding strands as you go is on one side of the braid. You also have to let go of the added locks to give a relaxed note to the rest.

·         The crown braid : this type of crown consists of surrounding the head with a braid. This pretty hairstyle is ideal for long hair. It can be done like a headband on shorter hair.

These different types of braid are just a few of the large numbers of braids in existence. They can be improved or customized to obtain a more chic style. It is indeed possible to accessorize them so that the braids are even more original. 

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